Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strength in Numbers wrap


 noun \kə-ˈmyü-nət-ē\
: a unified body of individuals: asa : the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly : the area itself 

When the PRO group of SDMBA formed, there was much conversation about how a bike park and progressive riding in San Diego could legally move forward. A major goal was a riding area that would not be removed by the city, county or land owner. A legit site, a bike park, work for downhill and freeride areas for everyone to be able to ride. Individuals or small groups had made proposals in the past but the work was too much for a single or couple of people. If San Diego is to get a bike park, a legal downhill trail or free ride area a mass community of riders would need to be assembled. 

We knew in the beginning Anthill Films would be releasing "Strength in Numbers" and this would be the perfect movie to build the stoke we're searching for. We struggled a bit because we didn't want to discount the south bay riders with such a long haul but the cards fell into place and we confirmed the classic La Paloma in Encinitas as the venue. SDMBA-PRO went to iMountainbike's Harry with a request to partner together and try to blow up the scene, with a goal of a capacity crowd. We got the capacity crowd we were looking for!

Photographer and SDMBA-PRO members Greg Lambert shot some photos, below are some and all can be found at Greg's photo site:
iMountainBike's Harry Preston was on site greeting guests. 

The line was starting early

SDMBA and PRO members show off the Specialized P bike that will be given away once 200 tickets are sold. The bike was donated by B+L Bike and sport when they came on board as a sponsor.

The crowd took their seats

Scott did a good job as emcee

Anthony from Loaded Precision introduced James Visser to draw a winner  for the Loaded handlebars to be given away

Joy of Joy Ride MTB camps and clinics talked about getting more ladies out and riding.

and the show went on!

Bike Magazine did a story on the screening.  We thank them for making it out and for the props!

SDMBA-PRO would like to thank all of the generous sponsors and all those who made it out to the show. On to the next show!

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